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Ville Kangas Plastic Fiddle Band – album metadata:

Music by Ville Kangas

Acoustic and electric violin by Ville Kangas

Grand piano, Irish bouzouki, electric fretless bass, synth bass, acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizers, organ, percussion & drum loops and programming plus a voice of an old man from Greenland by Ville Kangas

Percussion, drum & human body loops, electric guitar, human voice, synthesizers and programming by Seppo Santala

Human voice on Love Is All Around by Kirsi Salo
– – –
Recorded by Ville Kangas & Seppo Santala at Vinkkelitupa, Kaustinen and SantalaSonik Studio, Akaa, Finland
Arranged by Ville Kangas & Seppo Santala
Cover painting by Anselmi Kangas, lay-out by Ville Kangas
Mixed and mastered by Seppo Santala
Produced by Seppo Santala
(P) & (C) Ville Kangas | Wiljami MEDIA 2017
Many thanks to Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
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* Copyright © Ville Kangas